Market Conditions 8/30/15-9/5/2015

This week's market has demonstrated an unchanged load availability across the board from the previous week with a 1% decrease in load searches. Truck availability decreased by 2% compared to last week with a 0.3% decrease in truck searches. Reefer and van rates have remained unchanged while flatbed rates have decreased about 0.5%. Taking an average of rate points from various searches we have found the national average rates to be the following: Reefer: $2.05/mi, Van: $1.75/mi, Flatbed: $2.00/mi.

Refrigerated Freight

The Northeast, Upper Midwest and Northwest regions of the U.S. are all shipping a high volume of produce. Upstate New York has started shipping apples and is tight with local cabbage, cucumbers and beans. The Buffalo and Rochester markets have the densest load to truck rations in the region. Eastern North Carolina is shipping sweet potatoes. Wisconsin and Minnesota have tight markets, shipping potatoes. Washington state has remained tight this week with potatoes and onions in full swing and apples started shipping out.

Look for California having more loads available. The Upper Midwest markets are expected to remain tight. Washington, Oregon, and Idaho have become extremely tight this week with load densities in certain markets of over 30 loads for each available truck.

-DAT Power Load to Truck Reefer Densities 09/5/15

-United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Market News 09/5/15

Dry Freight

In the past week there has been a 1.2% increase of van load to truck demand. Regions of higher freight densities include the Carolinas, western Kentucky, the Upper Midwest, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Northeast. Keep in mind while freight densities in the Northeast are higher, rates are not as desirable for outbound freight.


-DAT Power Load to Truck Van Densities 09/5/15

Flatbed Densities

-DAT Power Load to Truck Flatbed Densities 09/5/15

Diesel Pricing

Diesel's downward trend continues for the fourteenth consecutive week. A 4.7 cent drop brings the national average price to $2.514 per gallon. This marks a $1.300 drop from the same week last year. Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, Indiana, Mississippi, Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, and Oregon had the lowest fuel prices at an average of $2.32 per gallon.

-U.S. Energy Information Administration, Independent Statistics & Analysis 09/5/15

National Truck Shipments

-United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Market News 09/5/15

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