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Market Conditions 10/4/2015-10/10/2015

This week's market has maintained the increase in spot market loads to the tune of 5.3% overall. When taking all averages, reefer rates increased 1%, van rates increased 1.5% and flatbed rates remain unchanged compared to last week's rates. Taking an average of rate points from various metrics, we have found the national average rates to be the following: Reefer: $2.05/mi, Van: $1.76/mi, Flatbed: $2.00/mi.

Refrigerated Freight

The Northeast, Upper Midwest and Northwest regions of the U.S. are all shipping a high volume of produce. Upstate New York is still in peak season, shipping apples, local cabbage, cucumbers and beans. The Buffalo and Rochester markets have the densest load to truck rations in the region. The Eastern Carolinas are shipping sweet potatoes and volume continues to increase. Wisconsin and Minnesota have tight markets, shipping potatoes. Washington state has remained tight this week shipping apples, potatoes, and onions.

Fall ornamentals are moving out of the Midwest and Southeast. California has seen an uptick in volume but rates to the east coast are still hovering at or below the $2/mi mark. Melons, stone fruit, grapes and mixed vegetables are all shipping out of California. The Upper Midwest markets are expected to remain tight. The Mexican border crossings have an increase in the volume of produce (avocados, cantaloupes, honeydews, and cucumbers) coming into the U.S. Expect to see the Midwest to slow down and GA/FL to start moving in the next week to two weeks.


-DAT Power Load to Truck Reefer Densities 10/10/15​​


-United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Market News 10/10/15​​

Dry Freight

Load availability increased 6.7% and truck availability decreased 2.0%. Regions of higher freight densities include the Carolinas, western Kentucky, the Upper Midwest, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Northeast. The image below indicates the Pacific Northwest is currently very tight. Please be note that this is mainly due to the demand for vented vans in order to move onions and potatoes.​


-DAT Power Load to Truck Van Densities 10/10/15​​

Flatbed Densities​​​​


-DAT Power Load to Truck Flatbed Densities 10/10/15​​

Diesel Pricing

Diesel rose 1.6 cents bringing the national average price to $2.492 per gallon. This marks a $1.241 drop from the same week last year. ​

-U.S. Energy Information Administration, Independent Statistics & Analysis 10/10/15​​

National Truck Shipments​


-United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Market News 10/10/15​​

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