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Market Conditions 11/27/2016-12/3/2016

This week's market has once again shown an increase in load to truck demand. Load availability increased 2% and truck availability decreased by 8%. When taking all averages, reefer rates decreased 0.5%, van rates held steady, and flatbed rates increased 0.5%. Taking an average of rate points from various metrics, we have found the national average rates to be the following: Reefer: $2.03/mi, Van: $1.75/mi, Flatbed: $1.92/mi.

Refrigerated Freight

The reefer market was again in high demand which was unexpected. Typically we see volumes decrease significantly after the Thanksgiving push. The Northwest, Colorado, Nogales border crossing, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and the Carolinas are all regions that had a shortage of trucks. The Buffalo and Rochester markets have the densest load to truck ratios in the North East, shipping apples and dairy. The Carolinas are shipping sweet potatoes, and Christmas Trees. Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota have tighter markets, shipping potatoes and meat. California's outbound rates have plateaued because of a lower demand this week. Melons, stone fruit, grapes and mixed vegetables are all shipping out of California.

Look for melons and vegetables to continue shipping over the border in TX and AZ in the upcoming weeks. The south and Southeast will continue to increase the volumes of squash, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, green beans, and onions moving out. Georgia and central/northern Florida continue shipping moderate volumes of produce.



-DAT Power Load to Truck Reefer Densities 12/3/16

The rates below are average direct from customer rates. The bold line is the origin, left column is the destination. The following two columns are weekly ranges from the previous week. The next two columns are this week's ranges and the final column on the right is the percent changes from last week to this week.​

-United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Market News 12/3/16

-United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Market News 12/3/16

Dry Freight

On a national average, load availability increased by 7%, truck postings decreased 2%. Regions and states with higher freight densities include the Northwest, California, The Upper Plains and Heartland, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and the Carolinas.




-DAT Power Load to Truck Van Densities 12/3/16

Flatbed Densities​​​​



-DAT Power Load to Truck Flatbed Densities 12/3/16

Diesel Pricing

Fuel prices decreased by one tenth of a cent, bringing the national average price to $2.420 per gallon. This marks a $0.001 drop from the same week last year.

-U.S. Energy Information Administration, Independent Statistics & Analysis 12/3/16

National Truck Shipments​

-United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Market News 12/3/16

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