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Optimus Prime LLC

The services provided by Frost Brook Transportation are paramount to the success of my business.  From their superior negotiating skills, continuous dispatch, flexibility and availability of live representatives, unsurpassed knowledge of the trucking industry, and finding loads in the toughest market conditions, Frost Brook Transportation keeps my company ahead of the game!  Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure the success of my business!


Fahad Jaura

Optimus Prime, LLC

Ryan Brunecz Trucking, LLC.

Frost Brook Transportation  is a very qualified dispatch service. They're the best I've ever used and they're right on top of getting detention. They know the market rates, the most profitable lanes to run for your company,  and I would highly recommend them.

Priority 1 Logistics LLC

Frost Brook runs our five reefers throughout the United States east of the Rockies. We are based in Miami, FL but they still keep us busy. Any issue in transportation that you can name has come up and Jared and his team have always found the best solution in a timely manner.

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